Daily Life-Coincidence


The concept for 'cause and effect' comes from experience. Experiences always present some connected objects. Most of us tend to see all object in the relation of 'cause and effect.' Without clear distortions, we can't see an object in different way. on the other hand, as coincidence doesn't exist really, in the more precise manner, as we deny cause and effect, the impact that coincidence influence on our spirit is the opposite with that of what cause and effect does. The nature of coincidence is to put all things as what they are, whether something exists really or not. Cause projects the direction for thoughts and make each object seen separately.


Coincidence destroys the decision of thoughts and drives our spirit into indiscretion, its original status. If cause disappears, God returns to indiscretion. As the perfect indiscretion is the essential property of coincidence, if we rule out united coincidences, a coincidence is the most superior in all ways. So we have to recognize cause and destroy the supposition of coincidence.


Although coincidence and 'cause and effect' are contrary to each other, we have to recognize causes mixed in coincidences and the natural outcome united in individuals.