Daily Life-Sharing


Those who criticize human beings' nature and taste pleasures know the fact that human beings can't nearly be independent. They know that human beings will fall and frustrate, if they lose all things that they have been rooted on.


Because of the fact, human beings pursue pleasures such as playing, love and work. When they can't find comforts through them, they try to find another way to cheer up.


Our spirit isn't enough to make it happy for itself. So we should recognize that our spirit tries to find strange things to produce vivid feelings and boost our emotions. If it finds a proper object, it start to move toward it, as if we awake from a dream.

Our blood flows in a new stream and our hearts are getting exited. When we are alone, we can't feel these emotions. So getting together is the most vivid event and cheer up our spirit.


Though we can receive a kind of inspiration when we meet a stranger, we usually meet with those who have similar tempers. A prodigal will meet another prodigal. A serious person will meet a serious person who loves seriousness. Some people could recognize the similarity with others. It can be found by natural stream or sharing.


Although I started to arrange acquaintances and selected those whom I could share thoughts with, it has come upon me as another strange space of starting.