Daily life-Religion


There are the law of God and the law of human beings in the world.

The law of human beings influences on the spirit as it is based on reward and punishment. So it must be a certain and basic principle that results in good acts and keeps them from doing evil acts.

We name this impact as we want to. As this impact is mixed with daily acts, we are to regard this impact as common sense.

When we regard God as a legislator, the law of God that was made in order to obey human being with reward and punishment isn't displaying its ability independently.

Although God is regarded as a revenger because of the crudeness and wickedness of crimes, he not only can't punish criminals right in the principle of equity if there weren't inevitable relations but also rational beings can't admit punishment.

Religion has originally existed for human beings, but now there are so many human beings who exist for religion.

They put the law of God over all values. They won't absolutely admit that the acts of other people can be against morality or the rules of religion.

However, they can't bear the responsibility about religion, and they also can't assume responsibility conscious and planned religious acts in the same manner of unconscious and accidental acts.

They never seem to be aware of the lasting and constant causes from religion.