Daily Life-Professions


As the paradigm of 21st century to lead a new era is so rapid and ill-informed, it is very difficult for us to predict our future due to economic and social uncertainty. In the late 20th century, we had to experience IMF help and overcome the national crisis. In order to get economic development and our survival guaranteed, we were forced to accept change and renovation. As a result, we had to face serious unemployment, the polarity of income, the collapse of middle class and serious social instability. Most of us who were university students would have tasted a few frustrations. At the time of 1970-1980, we were forced to bear sacrifice and frustration. Now, another reality is making us painful.


For the human beings' existence, both physical and mental conditions should be met at the same time. Human beings won't satisfy just for bread eating. Most people have spiritual desires for their values to be brought to realization and for their egos to be recognized. These kinds of desires can be met in the relations with other people. These two conditions will always met by professions.


When we have income, we can actually survive and maintain relations with other people. Like this, we call the work which we do for living and gratifying our ego a profession. Then, an artist's profession is painting paintings. We, painters eat bread through painting paintings. Just when we have the least necessities of existence, we can live in a society. However, in reality, the painting job is not enough to keep the least human living. So, many painters have unrelated professions with their will. In the humble capitalism where money is everything, they are pouring their barely remaining power. Most people want their desires for culture and leisure to be met, when their basic needs are filled.


Originally, cultural needs means the spiritual quality of life rather than external quality. However, in the world where what to wear, what furniture to use, and what to eat are a kind of standard of cultural life, as a painter, I have to bear another pain.