Daily Life- Love and hate


Often I used to go to movies when I was a student. Although sometimes I would go to movies downtown, I usually watched movies on television every weekend. Recently I don't watch TV. I still remember a scene of "Viking" of those days's films. Kirk Douglass shouted with a sharp and mad look, "If you can't give me love, give me even hate!"


Love and hate are accompanied by mercy and anger. It is safe to say that they are related to each other. However, this relation is distinguished from pride or belief. Pride and belief are never accompanied by any desires and don't cause our direct acts. They are a innocent emotion of spirit. Love and hate can't be completed. They don't settle on their own emotion. They drive out our spirit into other places. Love wants to give happiness to those who they love. They hate unhappiness for them. Hate want to give unhappiness to those who they hate. They hate happiness for them.


Love and hate are the cause of pleasure and suffering. They have objects that pleasure and suffering are toward. The objects are personality and thinking beings. Love and hate also have their own goals. They are happiness of those who they love and unhappiness of those who they hate. At last love is to ask for others' happiness and hate is to ask for others' unhappiness. Desires and disgust are the nature of love and hate. They can't be separated, and they are the same.


It is certain that if we don't ask for others' happiness, we won't lover them, and if we don't ask for others' unhappiness, we won't hate them.


In imagination, we have a thought about friends or enemies, and desires come out.

Desires are not the absolute nature of love and hate. Although they are most clear and natural in our emotion, they aren't something that is unique. They can come out in hundreds of ways and last for a long time unless we review happiness and unhappiness for those objects.


We should know the fact that these desires are not the same as love or hate and can't become the essential part of love or hate.


We meet many people in our life, and then we are separated and forgotten.

However, we may sometimes meet someone whom you never forget.