We have lived in the two divided worlds since we was born. In our childhood, we lived in the suppressed circumstances of ideological conflict and that seemed to influence on forming our sense of values. I still remember the story that a boy was killed with his mouth torn after he cried, "I hate communists!" by spies from North Korea. It's become my deep hurt. I remember just one Art class where I painted Communist soldiers with devils' horns under the name of anti-Communist propaganda. I got ridiculous military drills from high school to university. After finishing army service after graduated from university, when I wanted to study abroad, I should prove my identity and receive a security training. These days we can't imagine that kind of training. They threatened that if I contacted with Communists' supporting members in Japan, I could be regarded as a Communist. So I was so scared like a rustic. However, suddenly the world started to change. The Cold War was over... Although that was a great shock to us, our circumstance didn't change. The victory of capitalism and western culture's world conquest were just a superficial phenomenon. If the sense of values of human beings to become homogeneous, we can't expect the dialectic effect any longer within that. If we don't have the dialectic effect, human beings' acts won't have a meaning as a history. However, far from the relation of these changes, as our sense of values has become homogeneous due to wrong education, our generation is living in a stopped history by politicians in conclusion. When the world considered the value of commodities as ideology, we pursued it with anti-Communist, and the world takes non-economic value instead of economic value as a topic of conversation, we are pursuing all the things through the economic value. We shouldn't be deprived our history as acts from politicians who are full of tricks and hypocrisy for survival in their empty brains.