Impression and Concept II


We should reflect on certain properties of human beings' nature.


Although such properties influence on our passions strongly, we aren't conscious of them greatly. What influences on us most greatly among these properties is the union of concepts. It is impossible for our spirit to concentrate on just one concept for a long time. In addition, our spirit can't reach the nature of unchangeability. Although our thought is variable originally, if there are not rules and ways in the changes, the thought is not perfect. The processing rules of thought are similar and close to the objects. They move toward another object produced by one object.


Also impressions are related with other impressions. As soon as an impression takes place, another impression follows it immediately. Grief and disappointment produce anger. Anger produces jealousy. Jealousy produces perversity. Again perversity produces grief. The process continues until they are completed. In the same way, when we are enhanced with joy, we fall in love, generosity, sympathy, courage, pride and similar feelings. When our spirit is enhanced by passions, it is difficult for us to stay just in one passion. As human nature changes so frequently, it is difficult for us to accept such kinds of rules.



Human nature is so variable. As if it changes into emotions and feelings consisting with proper and leading passions, what can it change into? There are attractions and unions among passions like they exist among concepts. The difference is that impressions are united only by similarity while concepts are united by proximity and 'cause and effect.' These two principles assist one another with those working in passions. If the principes are in accord in working, they will have a great impact on our spirit. So a new passion should take place more strongly and transfer to itself naturally.


As if a vision delights in magnificent, strange and beautiful things and it finds the climax of these properties in the same objects and it is satisfied with them, a vision can accept a new satisfaction through the help of sensory organs. Singing of a bird and falling from the eaves awaken those who are meditating on themselves. It makes them have interest in beautiful spectacles in front of them. So if we smell the fragrance of nature, it increases our pleasure and makes us delight the brightness and freshness of the spectacles. The two senses enhance each other. It is because concepts are more joyful when they come together than they do separately.


When colors are arranged well in a paint, they enhance each other. As a result, it makes the paint more beautiful. In this phenomenon, we can possibly recognize the union of impressions and concepts helping one another.