Daily Life-Dreams


Although everyday I, in my dreams, experience and imagine many things that never exist in the real world, I can't often distinguish the dreams from realities. I might be born to make mistakes even in very clear things. I think I have more possibility to make mistakes than I wouldn't make them. If I was born by myself or by an other being, it is more believable that I am not perfect.


It is natural that I am fighting between clear things in realities and unclear things in dreams. I have difficulty even in judging things that exist in my inner consciousness. All things that I felt exist in the outside of my spirit. Although I know that they are similar to senses and perceptions, I am often thrown into confusion.


When I see colors, I believe that I am seeing something in the outside. I also believe that my experience is similar to the concept of the color. We can perceive colors just with senses or conscious states. However, if I regard dreams as things that exist in the outside of my spirit, I can't perceive anything clearly. What is now important to me is not the original nature of objects but time and space to dream, though I am living making many mistakes.