Daily Life and Dreams

Kraus said, "Madness is a dream that you feel when you are awaken from sensibility." I feel something clearly. Last night I awoke feeling the pain of my right shoulder as if a spear was piercing it. Although it was a dream, I still fill a bad and heavy pain. At the moment I feel a dream as a reality, I am dreaming another dream in the reality. Yes, although dreams and realities, and dreams that frequent fiction and reality are daily routines, I have not forgotten rational thoughts. Substances are recognized by optional properties. Nevertheless, Substances come with their own native natures. They are the essence of natures. All thing that are found in my thoughts are nothing but the various patterns of thoughts. A part of my spirit complains and rejects even these clear things like a mad man who are dreaming with open eyes. Now I can just feel 'time' as an aspect of thought because I can't recognize lasting movements different from the continuance existing in the things that aren't operating actually. Is it a madness that although I can perceive these things actually, I dream dreams endlessly?