Ray, Reality, Projection and Universal Meeting of Origin

-the light to shine in the expanse of thought and exploration


Lee Gi-Seung is a leading figure in painting circles excavating to find ‘Being’ through rediscovering objects and phenomena. I have ever written his works as “the identity of being and virtual reality,” “the fossilization and plasticization of internalization and reality,” “blooming as flowers.” They began by denying reality and tried to overcome fixed reality.


His early works were about the concept of transcendental cognition and common consciousness and his middle ones were completed with thinking power and communicating aesthetics. Now he is moving into the space of cosmos. Moving away from the process of coincidence and variability, he transcends from consciousness into unconsciousness. He is dreaming of revolution while looking at the inner part of being superficially.


We see his new works preparing the space of meditation and exploration with expectation. Through the images of light, he spreads his eyes into the original cosmos of being and abstracts the meaning of life power from nothing. Light is the assemblage backing up his trial to move from closed reality space to opened one. Light means connecting loops between inner being and physical one.


In the center of light, he finds a point to embody transcendental desires. The world to appear through the refraction of light shares days and nights and secure the space of creative productivity. Implying new births and native secrets is his hylozoic cognition about the world and objects. The strong symbolization of light and ray adds the activity of new births. After he gets away from optical science to see rays in the law of nature, he plants waves and particles of light onto the canvas.


The dispersion of light is his gesture to reject standardization. He doesn’t show the essence of light as a simple outward, but depicts it as the scenes of human dreaming. As in the lights and rays which he painted exists supernatural power, it becomes an element to remind us of universal corresponding power. In the divisions of worldly affairs, a place which innocent beings pursuit is the vast universal space.


His works are projected into the creative space magnified by reality and his inner light. From his new works we enjoy the exaltation of ‘Being’ coming from the association of vertical deepness and horizontal width dismantling the boundary of light and darkness.


translated in English by Oh Jung-Duk(jungduk1@hanmail.net