Lee Gi-Seong's works to read through literature

Identity of confirming existence, technique of virtual reality

Choi Yong (Critic of Literature)

His works, woven with surplus of accidental technique in the course of expressing various styles of life! Lee Gi-Seong, who is constructing his own field with a unique way of process eliminated in subjective functions! Let's meet his new works entitled "Within Being," which are saying that the center of life is not things and phenomena but the interior of human beings, and the prism to rule the interior should be put in the foundation of reality awareness. He has dreamed of a departure from various environments which have bound him. Now he is searching for a state of freedom. The inner thinking space which he pursues is not only his own enclosed room but also an exit so as to try communicating with the closed world.
As Lee Gi-Seong's work is in the present progressive form, it is not easy to forecast or prospect the variation of his works. Nevertheless we can know that he has moved into a mature stage getting out of transcendental concept and the lower middle class' awareness flowing through his early works. His view of works seems to be simple and honest as he has consistently refused waned generations and distorted universalism. It is because he has continued to create possible truth in the basis of free will. But he doesn't stay in the safety zone of fantasy work confusing the inner and outer world. His work is reliable as he denies existing frames and creates universal frames.
His work shows his attempts to overcome fixed patterns of reality starting from denial of adhered reality. He deals with the world of unconsciousness over that of consciousness. He dreams reversal seeing the interior of existence with a phenomenon. He doesn't put more weight on the objective and universal interior but on self-reflection from realizing independence. He is constructing his own field describing suppression and alienation from a chaotic society.
Although the works from "Within Being" are on the line of extension of existing world of his works, they reflect on the existing works and prove seriousness to absorb the interior of existence. He creates virtual reality and produces visibility from the scenes of invisibility. He holds viewers' eyes in the antipode of subjects projected on the copperplates. The serial works of "Within Being" have been completed in order to bring the power of inner thinking and the esthetics of mutual communication through his works. In the moment his works throw viewers to the antipode of subjects projected on the copperplates full of tension, the strain would be broken down and relaxed. Although the same images seem to be arranged in a row repeatedly, we can't find the same images. The effect of accident and variableness represents the motive of creation.
In a point of view of literature, the basic tool of image products is painting. Images are the means to integrate abstraction and being concrete, and the passage to understand the world. It means that he has secured virtual reality to accomplish independence from the self. Lee Gi-seong's works make us refect on the reality of our own and have a wonderful power of esthetic value translating heartful experience into art.

*translated in English by Oh Jung-Duk