Flexibility and fossilization of inner mind and real life
-the distance between ordinary and deviated days

By Choi Yong(Literature Critic)
Translated in English by Oh Jung-Duk

Lee Gi-Seong is a prominent painter who is excavating in order to find 'being' through the recovery of objects and phenomena. The topic subject of this TAC exhibition is refusal of fixed ideas and attempt of combination in individualization. He frequents the field of stereography through the establishment of cellos, trumpets, violins and cameras etc. Like a painter of the time of chaos, he has clearly completed counter tonality as the projection between inner mind and real life. Sometimes he purifies the space of inner mind through fierce self-examination. In addition, he contains the resistance of the lower middle class. He has depicting power in detail distinguished from fantasy images.
He shows the challenging attitude of human beings and societies in his 4 works exhibiting in TAC through delicate and thick touches. We know that the works have been created through his rich reading. He has transfigured the speculative characteristics of last established works into the attitude to pursue the stable life and the essential value of life fused in daily life. He brings freedom and originality out of the variable and accidental process to which he has adhered simply and honestly. Through pursuing originality, he exerts his experimental spirit to change daily subjects into deviation. At least, these works have meaning as his heart breaking about honest life with forgotten objects and vanished points rather than the result of sensibility about objects. He doesn't filter daily subjects just with aesthetic skills but magnifies them to a device to describe daily features and painters' conflicts.
He depicts the invisible world in plastic ways in the process of projecting his own voice and the essence of objects. The objects borrowed in the process of revelation of imagination and a aesthetic sense of appreciation create impression. The freshness of his works always gives us excitement. We can feel human warmth from his materials like iron powder, although they look cold apparently. He arranges objects and inner mind with harmony. His works reveal his own particular sense of appreciation but doesn't stay in a mono tone. They search the frame of reality to renew awareness. They have insight to examine relationships between objects and human beings, and individuals and communities on the whole. His clear creative spirit of "Identity to Verify Being," "Virtual Reality Skills" of last exhibition(Within Being) will surely go on.
Ordinary objects like musical instruments receive new meaning by his filtering and changing. Although a cello is a musical instrument, if spectators divide minds, they can share melody together with a cello. He related his experimental spirit with the property of a musical instrument. In severe reality credited plain and simple iron powder, his motion is full of honest and human sympathy.