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Gi Seong Lee

The Opportunities of Coincidence, and The Being 'Object' to Implode inertia

About me


2017 Row Gallery(Gyeongju)

2016 Row Gallery(Gyeongju)

2016 Ocean Gallery(Busan)

2014 Lexus Gallery (Daegu)

2013 Suseon Artpia-exclusive (Daegu)

2012 Korea Electric art center Gallery  (seoul)   

2011 Kin Young-Sook Gallery(Gyeongsan)

2008 DeBec Plaza Gallery(Daegu)

2007 Susung Artpia(Daegu)

2007 Dongjae Exhibition(Daegu)

2007 Gallery Topohaus(Seoul)

2005 Woobong Museum of Art(Daegu)

2004 Gallery Hwan(Daegu)

2003 Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art (North yushu City, Japan)

2000 Gallery Lakeside(Daegu)

1999 Gallery KAZE(Fukuoka, Japan)

1998 North KYUSHU City Gallery (North yushu City, Japan)

1996 S Gallery(Daegu, Korea)





2012 AR-FESTIVAL : Pajoo Publishing Center

Hana Garden Exhibition : Gwangju City Gallery

Artists Groups' Exhibition : Culture & Art Hall

2011 Art is life : Soosung Artpia

I am a artist : Gallery Sang

Art - Playing in the Department Store : Daegu Dep. Store

2010 TAC 2010 : Gallery Rho

SINCE 1998 Exhibition : Space

he exchange Exhibition with Sankt Peterburg : Culture & Art Hall

2009 Daegu Modern Art's Single Side Exhibition : Students Culture Center

55 Artists' Masterpiece Exhibition : Gyeongbuk Design Center

Exchange Exhibition of Daegu, Gwangju, Busan and Jeonbuk : Culture & Art Hall

2008 Exchange Exhibition of Daegu, Gwangju, Busan and Jeonbuk : Culture & Art Hall

"Art moves Daegu." Exhibition : Culture & Art Hall

3m Exbition : Culture & Art Hall

Daegu Modern Art Festival : Daegu Citizen Center

2007 Daegu Art Together : Suseong Artpia

The exchange Exhibition with Sankt Peterburg : Mange Gallery

Good Morning, Auntie! Exhibition. : Juno Art Gallery

Looking into the Workroom Exhibition : Culture & Art Hall

Modern Art Exhibition in Daegu : Daegu Citizen Center

The exchange Exhibition between Yungnam & Honam : Culture & Art Hall

2006 From Winter to Spring Exhibition : Culture & Art Hall

Soil, Ink and Oil Exhibition : Gallery With White

The way to Union - Modern Art Exhibition of Southern Part of Country. : Pochoen Banwol Art Hall

Talk with Colors Exhibition : Dongje Art Gallery

The Exchange Exhibition between Korea and Japan : Daegu- Sendai

Visual Modern Art Installing Exhibition : Culture & Art Hall

Exhibition for 1st Anniversary of Bongsan Cultural Center : Bongsan Cultural Center

2005 Exhibition for 10th Anniversary of TAC : Culture & Art Hall

Message from Daegu from 30years ago : Culture & Art Hall

2004 The exchange Exhibition between Shanghai and Daegu : Daegu-Shanghi

Island of Contemporary Arts : Culture & Art Hall

Rest in Daily Life, Different Thought in Same : Culture & Art Hall

2003 The exchange Exhibition between Daegu and Milano : Culture & Art Hall

New Frontier Exhibition : Culture & Art Hall

Artist Vredit Union Exh. : Culture & Art Hall




2002 Teacher What is ART? : Culture & Art Hall

The Nevigation of 18 people Exh.

The Horizon of Morden Art Exh.

Riding Horses Exh.

The exchange Exhibition of Korea and Japanese Artists

2001 Imagination and intelligence's language exhibition : space 129

Nothing. style, the depth : Culture & Art Hall

New era symptom Exhibition : Daejun municipal Art Hall

Abstract Art 10 members Way Exhibition:Galley 1059 Open Memory

Daegu Modern Art Gazing Exhibition : Culture & Art Hall

2000 Younnam 200 size Exhibition : Sungsan Art Hall

Year 2000 depicted on wood-block print fer Exhibition

Invitation Exhibition of four outstanding artist in modern fine arts

Eight by Ten Exhibition

2000-Root Exhibition

Summer Shadow Exhibition

1999 Sewon Gallery's Invitation Exhibition

Paradigm 1999

Artist' Exhibition preparing for the 21st century

1998 Si("Beginning")-Bongsan Exhibition

Being and Becoming Exhibition

North KYUSHU Exhibition

Pohang Exhibition

Busan Exhibition

Korean Japanese Artist's Invitation Exhibition

1998-00 TCAA Exhibition

1997 Recognition and Sound Exhibition

S Gallery's Invitation Exhibition of Four Artist

1996 Comtemporary Eroticism

1996-00 Youngwoo Meeting Exhibition

1989 Phenomenon Exhibition (Osaka, Japan)



U-RO Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)

1984 Ideal and Reality Exhibition

1983 seven Artist' Painting Exhibition

1982 Thirteen Artist' Works

1981 THE 2nd SHOW

Comtemporary Ourself Exhibition

1980 Early summer Exhibition on Campus




Born is Daegu in 1959

Graduated in Kyemeong University

Completed in Musasino G.Univ.

Member of the TCAA

Member the Korean Fine Art association

Member of the TAAC

Member of the YoungWoo

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2015-09-14 08.27.29
2016-05-26 08.27.49
2016-05-11 09.55.40 - 복사본
2016-05-22 11.29.44
2016-04-29 18.17.23

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#210-1, Tangum-ri, Apryang-myun, Kyungsan city, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea


Cellular 010-2886-3911

E-mail gslee0815@hanmail.net

메시지가 성공적으로 전송되었습니다!

"Beautiful colors toned with delicate differences make your sight delightful, but this kind of delight just belongs to senses.


What inspires life and spirit to colors is not wonderful shapes or interesting depictions but the artist’s sentiments. When the sentiments meet with colors, they could touch your heart."